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This subcommittee is developing IPC-8921, Requirements for Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles), Conductive Fibers and Conductive Yarns. This standard establishes the classification system as well as qualification and quality conformance requirements affecting electrical/electronic performance of electronically-integrated textiles (e-textiles). This standard also covers similar requirements for conductive fibers and conductive yarns. E-textiles according to this standard include Woven Textiles, Knitted Textiles, Nonwoven Textiles, Laminated Textiles, Braided Textiles, Embroidered Textiles, Printed Textiles, Coated Textiles and other textile constructions with a conductive element.

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Tue, Apr 3 2018
info | D-72 April 2, 2018 Web Meeting Minutes (113K)
D-72 E-Textiles Materials Subcommittee
Fri, Mar 30 2018
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D-72 E-Textiles Materials Subcommittee
Fri, Mar 16 2018
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D-72 E-Textiles Materials Subcommittee
Wed, Feb 7 2018
info | IPC D-72 E-Textiles Materials Subcommittee Meeting Agenda -- 2018 APEX EXPO (20K)
D-72 E-Textiles Materials Subcommittee

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