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• Establish the principles necessary for the exchange of declaration information between supply chain partners relating to a product and the purpose of a declaration (sectional standards). The requirements for declaring information about a specific declaration topic are specified in the IPC-175x sectional standards.

• Develop and maintain a framework for the IPC-175x series of standards on supplier declaration. The framework includes a specification for common data elements shared across the sectional standards related to the supply chain partners and the product.

• Coordination and alignment across IPC-175x sectional standards (IPC 2-18x sectional committees). A process will be developed for coordination and alignment.

• Develop and maintain the IPC-1751 standard to provide the principles and details necessary for declarations between members of a supply chain. Develop and maintain the attributes related to product and partners (i.e., requester and responder). Specify the framework and rules by which sectional standards specify the sectional schemas.

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Sun, Feb 12 2017
info | IPC1753_final.xsd (25K)
2-18 Supplier Declaration Subcommittee
info | IPC 1751A Amendment 1 Schema.xsd (26K)
2-18 Supplier Declaration Subcommittee

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