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This subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance and further development of a suite of standards known as "Offspring" of GenCAM and ODB++ formats. It is documented in the standard series IPC-258X. The series consists of eight standards ranging from IPC-2581 (Offspring generic standard) to the sectionals, IPC-2582 through IPC-2588. A close correlation exists between this subcommittee and the Hierarchical View Product Data Description Subcommittee (2-14) in that each series identifies similar products but uses a different description methodology. The IPC-251X series looks at the product through the entire thickness while the IPC-258X series provides descriptions one layer at a time.

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Thu, Mar 10 2016
info | APEX 2016 2-16 WG Agenda (Draft) (1MB)
2-16 Product Data Description (Laminar View) Subcommittee
Fri, Mar 13 2015
info | IPC-2581 Differences from revision A to revision B (32K)
2-16 Product Data Description (Laminar View) Subcommittee
Fri, Sep 5 2014
info | InternalPartNumber=proposal (14K)
2-16 Product Data Description (Laminar View) Subcommittee

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